Russell Family Vineyard
Willow Creek District | Paso Robles

Shallow, rocky, limited water and warm days may sound daunting to some, but to vineyard owners and winemakers these descriptors are music to our ears!  Russell Family Vineyard holds each of these attributes and more, all of which drive the vines to produce incredible clusters with rich flavor.

Located within the Willow Creek District, this western positioned vineyard is composed of rolling hills, highlighted by a blanket of limestone rich soils.  The variable elevations and sun exposures allow the vines to soak up the warmth of the sun throughout the day then cool when the night air envelops the vineyard.  These chalky white soils unite perfectly with the west Paso Robles climate, encouraging the vines to produce opulent clusters boasting remarkable natural acidity.

Vineyard owner, Erich Russell, has poured his heart into this vineyard.  Before planting, in 1996, he carefully researched the vineyard’s soils then precisely matched varieties and clones to each specific location within the site.  This care and passion is what drew me to this vineyard, and I look forward to crafting wine from this exceptional fruit for years to come.

Vineyard Distinction Nicora Distinction
AVA: Paso Robles Block Exposure: Southwest
District: Willow Creek Varieties: Syrah and Mourvèdre
Elevation: 1,800 feet Found In: Russell Family Vineyard Designate, GSM
Planted: 1996  

Soil Composition: mostly limestone and shale,
patches of alluvial along streams, largely calcareous
Acreage: 50