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The People of Nicora

We have always placed an incredible amount importance on the lasting relationships with our farmers and the community for which we flourish, Paso Robles. Here at Nicora we take great pride in our work, but also recognize that we didn't get here alone. The blood and sweat still runs wild here but we have found our stride, and nothing can hold us back. We thank all of those before us and look to set up the future for success. Visit the winery or enjoy our wines at home to get a chance to experience the results of that dedication yourself.

Nick Elliott

Nick Elliott

Winemaker | Forklift Driver | Adventurer

Growing up Nick was taught the value of hard work, and you can bet the lessons learned as a child have guided his passion for Nicora.  He understands that to do something right one must start at the source.  For Nick, and the philosophy behind his wines, the most important part is the vineyards.  More often than not, Nick can be found out in the dirt that he farms.  He takes great pride and care for each vine, knowing eventually the fruit will be the source for his bottled wines.

The wine that Nick crafts for Nicora, is comprised of Rhône varieties from noteworthy vineyards that mainly lie in the steep hills on the westside of Paso Robles.  These vineyards contribute to the lush and bold characteristics found with his small-lot wines.  Each vineyard, hand selected not only for the soils that bear the fruit but also for the farmers behind the vines, as they too know great wine starts in the vineyard.  These farmers afford Nick the ability to be involved with the fruit from the very start, allowing Nick to create wines that showcase the vineyards he farms, be it a single bottling or by blending together to highlight their individualities as one.

Nick has the opportunity to wear many hats, whether, he likes it or not.  From cleaning barrels to blending his wines, Nick will tackle any job to ensure his wines are crafted and cellared with the utmost care.   So, it is not a surprise, that every now and again, when the work is done, Nick ventures away from the vineyards and cellar.  He does this by hitting the open-roads within the great United States looking for the next fishing hole or secluded camping spot.  From quick weekend trips up the breathtaking coast of California, to trips through multiple states, he is always up for an adventure.  Come on, he isn’t a winemaker or a forklift driver by chance!  His adventurous spirit, and affinity for unique flavors are the main inspiration for the wines of Nicora.

Evan Vossler

Evan Vossler

Tasting Room Manager | Sommelier | Wellness Advocate

Evan came into the wine industry like most do, by chance and good fortune! While attending college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, his roommate mentioned that they were in need of help in the tasting room at a winery in Paso Robles. The interview and hiring process were a breeze considering wineries love to hire young eager students for their hospitality programs. Working alongside talented wine professionals who were always available to answer questions did big things for his confidence and overall wine knowledge. After a few years and several  certifications he was well on his way toward a career in hospitality and sales. The rest is history, as they say.

Some of his favorite hobbies and activities include: Cooking and eating for health and wellness, spending time with his lovely wife and their three children, surfing near our home in Grover Beach, hiking and spending time outdoors in the beautiful Central Coast climate, cycling, playing acoustic guitar, soaking in the hot springs in Avila, and reading a good book and having tea (or a glass of wine!) at the end of the day. He would like Nicora fans to know that hospitality is his passion and that creating memorable wine experiences each and every day is his ultimate goal. He has spent 10+ years in the wine industry in Paso Robles and in that time developed an amazing community of wine makers, chefs, hospitality professionals, and so much more. His intention is to share this community with everyone who visits Nicora in order to expand their appreciation for this very special place.

He wants his life to be about helping others and spreading feelings of love, compassion and joy. What better way than to host wine tastings? If there is any way he can do that for you or your loved ones please do not hesitate to let him know!

Jason Thurman

Jason Thurman

Cellarhand - Punchdown Extraordinaire - Brisket Expert

Jason comes to us via Grapevine Texas after a short stint doing a wine harvest up in Sonoma County. His previous winery experience was much welcomed but when it came to light that he could smoke a beef brisket we knew we he had a place here at Nicora.

Jason and his wife have since moved to California where they farm several Olive trees for thier boutique olive oil company while he still enthusiastically helps out in the cellar when called upon. Never afraid of work and always smiling, Jason will have a home at Nicora as long as he'd like.