Bien Nacido Vineyard
Santa Maria Valley

Situated at the top-end of the Santa Maria Valley, Bien Nacido Vineyard has become an iconic California vineyard. One that is sought after by many winemakers from around the United States.  I’m fortunate to receive a call in 2013 that my dream to farm from this vineyard had come true. That was a magical day!

The vineyard location, coupled with the history and fruit produced are a few of the attributes that lead me to this vineyard.  That and the fact that making cool climate Syrah is fun! Bien Nacido Vineyard boasts one of the longest growing seasons in the state which allows the fruit to fully ripen with a slow manner. These growing days include cool mornings, warm afternoons and cool nights, the perfect home for grapes.

Owned with great pride by the Miller Family, who happens to be a fifth generation California farming family, can trace the history of this land back to 1837.  They take great care of this land and work closely with every person who farms from this site.  It is a true pleasure to work with them and their land.

Vineyard Distinction Nicora Distinction
AVA: Santa Maria Valley Block Exposure: Southwest
Elevation: 200 - 1,500 feet Varieties: Syrah
Planted: 1973 Found In: Bien Nacido Vineyard Syrah
Soil Composition: mixture of stellar soils  

Acreage: 800