Law Vineyard
Adelaida District | Paso Robles

Located alongside Peachy Canyon Road, Law Vineyards lies in the heart of west Paso Robles.  Situated in the newly formed, Adelaida District, this vineyard is largely characterized by soils with high limestone content.  These types of soils are low in nutrients, thus force the vine roots to constantly search for water deep into the ground.  This results in a very stressed vine that produces thick skinned grapes, which contributes to a more intense and complex wine.

At about 1,800 feet in elevation, the fully exposed Law Vineyard sits higher than most vineyards in the region.  This height allows the vineyard to truly encompass an even larger diurnal temperature swing that this region is known for.   Those warm days and welcomed cool nights, coupled with the high limestone content, allows the fruit to ripen fully, yet maintain great acidity and minerality leading to a balanced wine.

Owners Don and Susie Law, along with their vineyard team, are committed to sustainable viticulture with minimal intervention, thus resulting in amazing fruit that I’m able to share with you, through my wine.

Vineyard Distinction Nicora Distinction
AVA: Paso Robles Block Exposure: Southern (Grenache), Southeast(Syrah)
District: Adelaida Varieties: Grenache and Syrah
Elevation: 1,800 feet Found In: Law Vineyard Designate, Buxom, GSM
Planted: 2008  

Soil Composition: shallow, bedrock residuals,
largely calcareous soils
Acreage: 50